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4 Rules The Kid Mero Had to Learn When His Kids Started Playing Sports

Rule #2: Don’t yell (out loud).

By The Kid Mero

Michael Jordan’s Extraordinary Career in Photos

Don’t forget, the ceiling is the roof.

By Charlotte Chilton

Some Dealers Aren’t Letting Customers Return Leased Vehicles

As customers have vehicle leases expire, some are having trouble returning the cars to dealers during the pandemic, USA Today reported.

By Colin Beresford

Missouri Is the First State to Allow People to Attend Live Events During the Pandemic

Governor Mike Parson is lifting lockdown rules on concerts, albeit with major restrictions.

By Philip Ellis

6 Gifts Dads Deserve, But Don’t Think to Buy Themselves

Teach him the concept of “treat yourself.”

By Maya McDowell

30 Subscription Boxes to Make Shopping a Whole Lot Easier

All the booze, clothes, and food you could want. Right at your doorstep.

By James Nosek and Jill Sieracki

30 Gifts to Make His First Father’s Day Even More Memorable

Sure, the best present would be a nap, but we promise he’ll love these just as much.

By Adam Mansuroglu

This Seemingly Simple Math Problem Keeps Stumping People on TikTok

Something doesn’t add up.

By Philip Ellis

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I Shunned Technology Pre-Quarantine. Now It’s My Only Lifeline.

One man’s adventure in fully connected, totally immersive, highly socialized solitude offers some collective benefits for us all.

By Joshua David Stein

The 5 Best Podcasts, According to Podcasters

Cut through the clutter with these expert-backed picks.

By Paul Kita

Val Kilmer’s Radical Courage

“Have you had a sense of the infinite?”

By Alex Pappademas

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New Yorkers Will Soon Be Able to Get Married via Video Chat During the Pandemic

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, couples will be able to say “I do” in legally valid online ceremonies.

By Philip Ellis

College Students Are Lobbying Barack Obama to Give a Virtual Commencement Speech

#ObamaCommencement2020 soon started trending on Twitter.

By Temi Adebowale

French Fighter Jet Joy Ride Goes Très, Très Wrong

He’s okay—after learning the hard way what that grab bar next to his seat was.

By Ezra Dyer


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