3 Hour – Meditation Music: Deep Relaxation Music, Sleep Music, Yoga Music, Spa Music

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Natusamba is a dance based on tribal rhythms and meditation with nature.Try the Natusamba experience. It shapes and nerves your body, moves stress and fears away, recharges your body of positive energy, improves the quality of life. It’s fitness in harmony with body, mind and spirit.
NatuSamba also makes relaxing music for sleep, study, meditation, Reiki, Zen, Yoga as well as for the Spas.

Sleep music
A wide range of melodies made to relax body and mind, suited for newborn babies, kids, teenagers and adults who need relaxing music to get asleep, or to fight insomnia.

Study and Focus Music:
Background music ideal to help with study and improve concentration.

Relaxation, Meditation:
Relaxing music for Buddhist and Zen meditation. This music is ideal to get Chakra clean and to open the Third eye.

Spa and massage music:
Useful music to get relaxed after a long working day. The listening of sounds of nature and the instruments will favour your best relax. It’s fantastic for the massag

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