The Story of R.O.B. the Robot | Gaming Historian

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New viewer? Subscribe! ▻ In 1984, Nintendo made plans to bring their Famicom console to North America. There was just one big …


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  1. Hello everyone! Most videos on R.O.B. make fun of him, but he was vital to the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System. If you learned something new, please share this video out! Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!

  2. ROB definitely gets too much credit for reviving the market for video games in our country. 19% of kids asking their parents for an NES because of ROB isn’t an angle that “worked perfectly”. That’s less than 1 out of 5. If ROB was the only thing that would have sold the NES, it would have been, at best, an expensive fad. Surely the Zapper should also get some credit for the “entertainment system” thing, as the NES came with a toy gun. It was also bundled with some systems AFTER the initial NES launch, which gives it a far better track record than ROB.

    Really, the whole initial success of the NES can’t be pinned on an accessory that a small percentage of consumers actually wanted. It’s far more complicated and multifaceted. Yeah, while the marketing avoiding “video game” branding and accessory bundling was part of the formula, the low risk policy for retailers was a BIG part of the reason the NES was able to get into stores. Everything was on Nintendo. Thank god they had faith in their product, because that’s the real foundation for today’s market that started in 1985/86.

  3. Ha I remember my friend showing me his deluxe with Rob and all the setup. Still remember asking when you get to play the games and realizing those were the games. Super Mario and duck hunt on the other hand, loved right off the bat.

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