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Growing sales have never been easier thanks to ROI Hunter Easy. Re-engage your unconverted visitors through dynamic ads on Google Display Network and Facebook, showing them precisely what they forgot to buy. Leave all the complicated tech stuff to us. With ROI Hunter Easy you don’t have to worry about putting codes to right places, segmenting the audience, complicated bidding strategies, generating the product feed etc. We do it all for you, in a matter of seconds.


Engaging through both Facebook and Google Display Network will give you access to over 95% of internet users. And practically guarantee that you will be able to engage visitors after they leave your store without a purchase.

Advanced audience segmentation and bidding customization will provide your campaign with the highest efficiency levels possible.

Do you want to boost the power of your ads even further? Our plugin gives you access to professionally designed Facebook Ad Overlays. With their help, you’ll be able to stand out in the barrage of ads everyday internet user encounters and get the attention you deserve.


ROI Hunter Easy will take care of all the annoying tech settings so you can have professional remarketing campaigns in 4 simple steps:

  • Install the plugin to your WooCommerce store for Free
  • Connect Google Ads
  • Connect Facebook Business Manager
  • Create your first Campaign

You do not need any technical knowledge. ROI Hunter Easy does all settings for you.

A separate Google Ads account and Facebook Business Manager are required. ROI Hunter Easy is free. You only pay for your running ads directly to Google and Facebook. You can set up your budget directly in ROI Hunter Easy.


ROI Hunter will automatically do these things for you:
* create product catalog for your website
* upload your product feed to Google
* upload your product catalog to Facebook
* setup Google tracking code for your website
* setup Facebook pixel for your website
* automatically set up remarketing audiences

Plugin reflects our best practices from over 10 years of advertising experience in Google Ads and Facebook.



Author: Dipurajkumar12

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