Epic Gold Digger Prank Fails 2!! I RiskyRobTV

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  1. I really love your videos. Sometimes it gives me an idea to prank my girlfriend too, but for 2 years i knew shes not one. I used to buy her things, she often got angry and arguing about why do I have to buy her things if she only wanted my love.. lol i love her and believed not every women are really gold diggers. I hope she wont change tho (i sound gay) Hahaha. But still i wanna prank her. Mabuhay Philippines . Anyways, love your pranks bro!!

  2. I just rely on God having a wife for me. To many women are out of line and wordly. I dont get why women cant just be friends. Its possible. Even in a relationship. I would not accept Instagram. I use to have facebook but most girls are so stuck up to the moon.. They want say nothing to you. Never have got that. Give people a chance. Its always i dont know you so i cant give you my number. Welll you had to get to know people that do have your number. So thats the whole point.

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